Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well Hi There..

Well somehow summer break is coming to an end. I always get a little anxious when times of change approach. I think that I get sentimental to have things pass, and hope that the change to come is positive...which it usually is!! I will have 2 kids in school all day...wh-AT??? I am sure I will see the perks in this in no time. We have had a very fun summer with just enough getaways to make the summer remain relaxing. We played plenty around here too. We enjoyed our 'Pass of all Passes' and I try to overlook the little things that kind of bug me at these places (Like basically everything at Trafalga....). Logan has started piano with a new teacher, and this has taught me that change can indeed be good!! He has rekindled his love for it, and I hope he keeps that going even when school starts! Paul has been super busy this summer with fun and work. He is kind of famous, for a minute. He filmed his F'real shoot, and had a blast. We will update everyone about that as long we like the outcome!! Ha ha. CJ is super excited to go to school all day and is very interested in the upgrade of getting 2 recesses! Em, she just skips around and sings all day. Littlest Miss Thing, well she is a tornado of fun..mostly. I have not done one crafty thing the whole summer, not one. It was too hot and it took everything I had to watch all four of these independent little people that were on the loose! I have lots of ideas I can't wait to do. Fun fabric that whispers my name everytime I walk by, a new picture wall to admire my babies, and 2 bedrooms that are waiting to get painted! Can't wait for Fall and all that comes with it...warm days and crisp nights...yes please! I plan on spending a little more time designing things and really expanding my knowledge on photoshop too...did you see my new banner up top??
Let's all remember to enjoy the simple're welcome.

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