Wednesday, June 6, 2012's summer!

I haven't blogged for like...a few weeks..or 2 months. Whatever. Suddenly the kids are out of school and it is summer! I LOVE having my kids home, but I DREAD seeing the look on their faces of "my brain is turning to mush because I watched too much tv". Not to mention they all get cranky when they are in tv land too long. Every year I have made a little outline of subjects that we learn about each week, and it has really helped give us some structure. I tailor the curriculum to each child. I saw on pinterest something about a chore punch card
( I pinned it, but never actually looked into it), but my brain came up with this version to work for my family. All I am asking of them is 15 minutes per "subject" (piano, reading, chores, homework..etc) and they have to get it passed off with a punch or sticker. Once they have gotten all of their daily punches, they are free to enjoy the day (however TV is still limited)! I think I am being very lenient. Anyway, if they get all 6 days done they get a master punch in the top BIG circle and I will offer up a reward out of the reward box (or an extra fun family activity). Here is a sample of my oldest childs card, the other kids are a little different according to their needs and hobbies. I have high hopes that this will work out! I have OODLES of printable business cards, and now I can use them up. Here's to an awesome happy kid calm mom memorable summer!! Cheers!

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