Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I thought once (or so) a week I would collaborate some of my favorite pins from Pinterest through the week. I am trying to actually do, or make, or try, some of the things I pin. It is really fun to actually find something that you are happy with! This last week I tried this
http://pinterest.com/pin/170433167118062555/Pinned Image Dr. Oz aspirin lemon facial. Let me tell you something....when you take the facial off with the baking soda...it freaking BURNS. So, I stopped using the baking soda quickly, and just rinsed it off with warm water. Well, the results were spectacular! I only break out about 12 times a year (get it..??) and this totally knocked it down. The breakouts that already had a name, and the ones waiting to make surface, we gone by morning. My entire reflection looked much better. I have read more that said the burning is good, but I panicked and thought that I was a sucker and fell for some "online experiment" or something. Anyway, I think I will do this once a week!
Pinned Image

Here is another pin I tried and was happy with the results..http://pinterest.com/pin/170433167118048770/. It is a magic tub cleaner solution with dawn soap and white vinegar. Our shower is tiled and below the soap dish we always get white soap film that doesn't like to come off!! Well, this got it off! It was easy and cheap to make, and had great results. Go to the pinterest links and follow them to the blog of origin!! Well now to do laundry with the detergent I made (also found on pinterest!!)..and I love it too!!

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