Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in pictures

Hot Cocoa at Temple Square (it was disgusting, but hot)

Very talented bag piper. Logan said "it's awkward he is wearing a skirt". :)

We had snow, for a second!

My little artist..

getting ready to hang up the reindeer wreathe!

The ice wreathe is full of carrots and leaves for the reindeer! I filled an angel food cake pan about an inch deep, froze, then added the carrots and water to cover carrots..froze, and then added the leaves and filled the rest of the way up with water and froze. Cranberries and pine cones would have been cute too. Dip pan in warm water to release.

They ate it! Do you see the reindeer foot prints??

Lets rip off all of the sheets and jump on Ems bed!!!

Grandpa was the main attraction

Corty faked an injury to get out of chores, and Logan took good care of him!

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