Saturday, September 17, 2011

A pintersting dinner

We had a yummy dinner tonight and an equally yummy treat! Today I thought that I needed to actually do some of the things I have pinned on pinterest instead of pinning more!! One thing I love about fall and winter is making soup!! There is nothing better than hot soup and yummy bread for dipping. I pinned this recipe on pinterest and at first thought “I bet it isn’t as good as making it from scratch (ya know peeling and chopping potatoes), but it seemed like a good quick soup. This was THE BEST POTATO SOUP WE HAVE EVER HAD…and we love potato soup! Click on the link and it will take you to the blog with the instructions!
Instead of using shredded hashbrowns I used southern style hashbrowns so that it had some chunks in it. I cooked bacon and added it in right before we served it. We put a handful of shredded cheese in the BOTTOM of our soup bowls before we pour in the soup and then it melts. I also did not make it in the crock pot. I do it on the stove. I add all the ingredients except the cream cheese and bring to a boil. Once boiling then I add the cream cheese and stir until melted. D-freakin-licious! I had previously diced a bunch of onions and froze them, so that made this recipe even easier. If you love must try this. I don’t know what was so different about this soup that made it so yummy, but it scored at my house.

I have been telling my kids I would make pretzels for them for awhile, but last time I tried I didn’t love the recipe. This recipe I used today was super easy, and the kids are loving them! We did butter with cinnamon and sugar.
Now we are off to the park to enjoy these cooler temps! Love family time and so glad my honey is finally home to hang out! We like that guy around here.

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