Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emmy's Week of Firsts

My sweet girl started preschool this week. We are doing a neighborhood group and I think it has worked out great. It was at our house this week. Emersyn did not start out the day in this ensemble, but decided she needed to change into it half way through school. Who am I to come between a princess and her ballet clothes. So yes, this is what she wore most of the time. She changes clothes about 4 times a day. She really had fun having all of the kids at our house, she is such a good little sharer. She definitely is in it for the social time!!! 

Today she also started ballet. She is taking it with her cute friend Megan. She spent a lot of time sucking on her skirt and looking at the ceiling, but I am sure she will get the idea. She has been asking for "ballerina class" for several months. This week has been so busy with school starting for Cortland and Em. Add in back to school night, preschool, piano, ballet....oh my! We are going to do a final yard sale for this year this Saturday, and I hope it is a success. It is emotionally draining as much as it is physically selling my mom's things. Anyway I hope next week I can catch my breath a bit!

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