Monday, September 12, 2011

I love this time of year! We have been busily trying to take advantage of the harvest time. When we were in Logan, Ut last week we bought a huge sack of over 50 ears of corn. We blanched them and froze most of it. We have made salsa and added fresh tomatoes to spaghetti sauce. Our garden has been late to produce, but I am glad we are finally getting something. With the weather cooling off we spent most of the weekend enjoying the outdoors and tackling some projects. Paul installed our new outdoor lights, and the kids played. .I love it when the seasons change and feel so lucky to live in an area where we get to experience 4 seasons. .It kind of feels like a new start every few months. The hard part for me this year has been that  when one season  ends and another one begins a part of my heart hurts a little thinking about how time is moving further away from the cherished time when I had my mom, I imagine that this too will ease with time. For now I absolutely enjoyed watching the kids enjoy their weekend so much, and having Paul home.
The fort on the deck

Logan got wounded in battle and Corty had to carry him to safety. Yes that is a plastic bag's fine.

My fixer man

The girls took over the fort

The boys with their hunting rifle aka the Nerf Vulcan..Cortland kept yelling "I see a big deer for dinner, let's get it!"

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