Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sons' Day

We have decided that Aug 8 is Sons Day at our house. The kids asked us this year after Fathers Day why there isn't a Kids Day. My first thought was EVERY DAY IS KIDS DAY!!!!! But then decided it would be a fun tradition to start up. So yesterday I let one "son" pick an event and the other where they wanted to eat for dinner. Logan picked the aquarium, and Cortland picked Cafe Rio (of course). So off we went. The kids really enjoyed the aquarium. Usually they get kind of bored since they have seen so many things like that due to Paul's huge (like bigger than my bath tub) salt water tank. They loved the penguins. When Paul got home form work he took the kids fishing. I think they had a fun day, and it was a great day for me too. I have really enjoyed having my dad up here with us this last week, it has done my heart good! Anyway these are some fun shots I got at the aquarium. The lighting is tricky to say the least, but some of them turned out pretty fun. It creates a fun challenge for nerds like me! Daughters day is Sept 9. Anyway to da loo!

Today was the 1st time he had the nerve to touch a sting wray.

Who cares about fish, I have feet mmmm

Best helper 

I was waiting for him to try and jump in & ride one


awesome..high five to a sting wray

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