Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Baby is 9 Months old!!!

I can not believe how time flies! Paul took the boys swimming tonight so I grabbed my camera & snapped some shots of my little peanut. I couldn't get her to give up this roll of lifesavers! The shots are pretty self explanatory.
Mmmm lifesaver paper

Why did you take them!!

Phew..she gave them back!


ok..I'm good now

Paul thinks she looks shocked =)


Love that profile.


  1. She's a beautie! At church on Sunday, I was noticing how big she's gotten to be!

  2. Thanks Alison! She is so sweet, & busy (as you saw). This is a fun age

  3. What a beautiful baby girl. THOSE EYES! love her outfit and matching headband.

    p.s. if only St. George UT. had a Hobby Lobby SAD FACE! winks-jen

  4. Thanks Jen, I love taking her picture, she gets excited when I get the camera out. I have trained all my kids to be "posers" ;) That is a bummer about St George, my Dad lives there. At least you can comfort yourself with the Pizza Factory & Krumpets! Have a good weekend.