Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tech take over!

So you have all heard by now about our new TV, yes we are totally excited to have a schfancy pants tv. We really felt entitled, but that is ANOTHER story. I thought I would take a minute to blog about the effects this cool piece of technology has had on our entire house. How does one TV do that you ask? Well here we go. We decided to move all of our furniture from our upstairs living room (where the TV now lives) to the basement, and bring up our microfibre sectional that we had downstairs. The sectional is less bulky, and fits perfectly in a corner for optimal viewing. Well, this changed the entire color scheme of both rooms. The couches that we moved downstairs were a red patterned, and the sectional is more in the orangish tones (not ugly despite the description). Well, then we (me) decided we needed to block out the light in the middle of the day for prime movie watching. So then we needed new blinds too. While moving couches up to down and down to up, we (Paul) put a nice sized hole in the wall going downstairs. He fixed it, but needs to paint it now. Anyway, back to the blinds..Hmm...sounds like a trip to Ikea. I used to hate that store, but I have to say I really enjoy it now. Some stuff is cheap, and not for me, but they really do have some fun things. We found the material there we wanted for our blinds and my sweet super awesome sewing genius sister in law, Gina, is going to work her magic and sew me up some blinds (YIPPY). Now, when we are done with the living room reconfiguration then we have to move on to the basement. We are going to sell our old TV and armoire that it was in, and probably our old couches too. Then we have to figure out what to do with the space down there. It will be fun to make some changes, and get the most out of our space. Oh yeah, I don't have kitchen cabinets either btw, that too we need to work out (again another story). Honestly, I kind of like a kitchen set up I saw at Ikea too...I was really impressed with how much functionality they get out of small spaces for decent prices. Not to mention they have a 25 year!! So sounds like a lot of work coming our way. I hope it goes smoothly. Tomorrow I need to work on order, restoring order that is. We really stirred things up this weekend, and spent too much time watching TV (blu ray Avatar is CRAZY). I am hoping to have a couple of minutes to work on this beaded owl shirt I want to make for Em sometime too, we will see how that goes!!

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