Thursday, May 26, 2011


summer sunflowers
FYI I didn't take this..but I should have!!
I can't believe the last day of school is in less than two weeks for Logan, and shortly after for Cortland. Last summer I tried something with the kids that was a hit. We had themes every week that we worked on and it kept their brains going and their bodies busy. I worry about my kids regressing in the summer so I push lots of work on them, don't worry they get LOTS of play too! I have been trying to pin down some themes for this year and here are a few of my ideas. I wanted it to be a little different than last year which had lots of bugs, dinosaurs, plants, ocean creatures, etc. This year I thought I would go more a long the lines of entertainment things and ways I can teach a bit of self reliance to the boys. I have compiled a rough draft of....: kid friendly cooking ideas (things they can do themselves), teaching the boys how to do some easy sewing (like sewing back on a button), classic literature for kids (reading together) & lots of nursery rhymes for Em too! We are going to write a play and make costumes and backdrops, pioneers and utah history, Independence Day and some American history, and lots of science projects.I think I will let them pick some things they want to do. Last year we did the obvious kid subjects so I thought this year we would expand a bit. I would like to have the kids keep a summer journal too. Everyday I make them do "homework" in the morning, then chores, then a hands on activity. I think it will be fun and I am getting excited for summer! The library is a great resource for things, I reserve a lot of books online which makes it easier to have things ready to go.This website has some great resources too.
I am thinking about putting together a little board or something and calling it the Bored Board (I read about this somewhere??), and putting lots of ideas of things they can do themselves to keep them busy. They say if you don't plan ahead you plan to fail right?? We spend a lot of time in the back yard in the summer. Last year we did several treasure hunts & the kids really enjoyed it. We made a big map of the back yard and I hid clues all over. Logan would read the clues to the other kids. That is definitely something we will do again this year. It will be interesting having a baby in tow with the 3 older kids..I am going to have my hands FULL, but I am really hoping nobody has a broken leg this year! I think adding in lots of swimming will make it a great summer. I have been buried alive by housework this week and am finally seeing the light. I have re-decorated my entire living room and have really had fun. Maybe tomorrow I will post some pictures!

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