Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Really? Am I old enough to have a 7 year old??

My wild & crazy Logan is 7. Whoa. I mean that really floors me! I can not believe how fast time flies! He is such a curious, intelligent, mischievous, loving, wild, crazy, yappy, overly-sensitive, protective, fun, handy, truth-stretching, stubborn, hard working, funny little boy! I am so thankful for him and the wonderful blessing he is to our family. I love to see him advance and progress in the things he tries.
We had a fun day yesterday. Paul woke HIM up at 6 am to open gifts. We got him a skateboard and all the gear. He then proceeded to skateboard out front in his one piece footsie pajamas with the pads on top. I really should have taken a picture but I was TOO TIRED! I went to lunch at his school and then stayed for his indoor recess. We took him to Sizzler (honestly one of my favorite places, give it another chance) and he ordered steak and crab legs with a loaded baked potato. The food was more than he could eat for sure! Anyway, I had 5 seconds and thought I would make a quick entry. This week is overly scheduled yet again. 
Mmmm Root Beer Float (crappy camera phone)

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