Saturday, May 28, 2011

My tunnel vision for the week.

Bad lighting, but you get the idea. We needed black curtains, and I love this pattern!
Left Zig Zag shelf

Minus the flash so you can see the lighted wreathe. I got the little chalkboard for .50 at DI. It was white with sea shells on it, so I painted it and added a rosette and ribbon.

Right Zig Zag shelf, my sis in law made this matching pillow too!

Someday I would love a real mantle!

Inner shears, my sis in law Gina made the drapes..she is AWESOME!

Hiding the functionality with photos!

"so do you like birds now"-Paul. Not so much, I am just pulling the decor together buddy!

I just wanted to show how cute this pic looks in this frame!
I have a few more things to do in here, like getting more pillows, covering a lamp shade with material and such. But this is the beginning of my new happy place. Now..I get to clean the basement..I hope I don't get lost!

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