Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ladybugs in STRANGE places

I know you can't really see this, but you get the idea..
In my Mom's will in the last paragraph she says "look for ladybugs in strange places to know all is well with me." It was so my mom to write something like that. She LOVED ladybugs and collected them with a serious passion. I think a lot of her collection was due to the fact that everyone bought her anything with ladybugs on it so it added up quickly. Well tonight Paul and I went to dinner at Costa Vida for our anniversary with all 4 kids (romantic huh!!). Anyway while Paul was on bathroom duty (for some reason my kids HAVE to use the bathroom every time we go out to dinner, and Cortland has to take his shirt off when he goes (such a Seinfeld episode) but that's another story).Anyway where was I?? Oh yeah so I was alone at the table eating my salad and I crunched something, and then I felt like I had a popcorn kernel in my I spit it out and found ....DRUMROLLLLL....a lady bug. Yup I spit out a wing (see blury picture). At first I thought maybe this is some sort of weird chili or something, but no no it was a ladybug wing. I felt ill. I seriously felt myself get all hot and flustered, and so I called Paul on my cell while he was in the bathroom and said you need to see this (all I could hear was lots of noise and giggling and his frustration dripping through the phone). Anyway I walked up to the front and showed the workers. They were freaked for sure. The manager who didn't speak the best english only wanted to refund my salad, but I made my kids stop eating too, and so the nice cashier boy (who is in my ward & I didn't even know it) refunded the whole dinner. They offered to make me a new no thanks. So when Paul and I got in the car he said "your mom just wanted to buy us dinner for our anniversary even though she isn't here." HA I think so, maybe next time she can give me a heads up BEFORE I put it in my mouth.

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