Thursday, May 5, 2011

A few things..

                                                                                                                         This week has been SO busy for me. I really can't even recall individual days, and yet it is already THURSDAY!! Dentist appointments, Dr appointments, business errands for Paul, putting the house back together, you name it! I have a couple of little crafts I did in the last week or so that I thought I would share. The first one is a moblie-ish decoration that I put together for the entry way for spring. I hung each strand from a different section of the light. Each strand is a combination of a flower (assembled from a paper towel roll), a butterfly cut out of old sheet music, and an owl cut out of slightly patterned white card stock. I hot glued 2 flat marbles together at the bottom of each strand to make it hang straight since I used clear fishing line instead of thread.

The next project is a chalk board. I love chalk boards. I think they are perfect for writing little inspirational quotes on to keep you on track during the day. This one is made out of an old mirror that was my mom's. It was not in the best shape, so I painted the frame, and then the mirror with chalkboard spray paint (fyi the chalkboard paint is HALF the price at Wal Mart versus Hobby Lobby..hindsight is lame). Anyway I glued on my metal little do dad from Metal Mart, & Pj hung it on the bathroom wall for me. I like having something on that wall, and I like being reminded to "still my soul". =)

Have a good day!!

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