Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pre-meditated Easter Bunny

                  This year at our house the Easter Bunny is VERY sick of mindless clutter. I guess trying to make sense of my mom's ENTIRE estate, & storing it, has made me want to SIMPLIFY! So as Easter approached and I shopped for the kids' Easter baskets, I wasn't really impressed with the baskets to pick from. I mean the ones that I even kind of liked, were at least $10, and in all honesty they would end up ruined or thrown away within 72 hours after Easter. And then..I had a light bulb moment! I walked over to the garden area at Wal Mart and took a few minutes waiting for the perfect idea. Then it came...the cutestflower pots, and they were only $2 each and screamed SPR-ING to me. They were equally the   size of most of the "other" less cool Easter baskets, but yet they would have a real  honest to goodness function after! So I grabbed 4 (1 of each color) and proceeded to then find the perfect colorful flower to give each kiddo. So the end result is, we have cute colorful flower pots on our porch with flowers we can enjoy all season long. I felt like the pots needed a little extra love, so out came the colored chalk. Wa-la. Happy chitlins, happy Mama Easter Bunny!


  1. Amy, what a cute idea! I am totally going to do that next year! (hope you don't care if I copy :))

  2. You should totally copy me! I think it may be my new tradition!!