Friday, April 29, 2011

Give a girl a can of spray paint and she'll give you....!! SHOES!

                     First let me relay a conversation to you. Paul is in the shower after fertilizing and putting new dirt in the old dirt of the flower beds outside (??) and I run in the bathroom all excited and say "Look at my new shoes!!" He peeks his head out and says "what kind of paint did you use on those?" I glare at him. (he knows what I did...he saw the SPRAY PAINT on the counter.) "So are you going to like hang them on the wall or something?" Door closes. 

Anyway, I like my spray painted shoes. I know a lot of you have seen people do this in blog land, but I wanted to give it a shot. I grabbed these shoes on clearance for around $2, and thought let's give it a try! I think they are darling. I taped off the soles, and filled the shoes with plastic bags. It took a good 3+ coats, but they covered well. Now of course I don't expect to have these shoes for years!! Maybe just a handful of weeks? Either way, I like them, and think they are CUTE!! And maybe...I WILL hang them on the wall!!